A Humble Pie Summer

Okay, so this isn’t a blog about pie… and it’s not only about my adventures in learning humility either… but it’s certainly a blog about summer. Throughout the spring, I prayed that God would give me insight into how to spend my summer and He responded by calling me to return home to Hawaii for 3 1/2 months.

I had some plans when returning home – to read voraciously, spend time with my high school friends, and adjust back to family life without a hitch. I also planned to spend lots of time in the kitchen. By the end of the summer, I aim to be a very competent chef, in preparation for cooking meals regularly in my living situation next year. This blog will become a repository for the recipes I create – many of which are combinations or modifications of recipes from my ever-growing Pinterest boards which I am finally getting the chance to make a reality. I have yet to cook a pie, but “humble baked goods and meals” didn’t have the same ring to it.

My freshman year at George Mason University in Virginia came to an end a little more than a month ago. The year was marked by personal growth in my relationship with God, my ability to be outgoing, and my independence. When I pictured returning home this summer, I thought I would have the “be-kind-to-your-sisters” jazz in the bag. This is where the “humble” part comes in. I am the oldest of four girls and, although it took leaving home for college to realize it, my three sisters are my dearest friends. That said, we often clash or disagree in spite of our best efforts to express our love for one another. The past month at home has put me on a steep learning curve for patience, gentleness, and generosity, but I still have a long way to go. This blog will allow me to share what I have learned and to hold myself accountable to become a more loving sister.

Although it didn’t come together until the moment I began typing this sentence, this blog is above all about the Holy Spirit. This summer I yearn to fall more in love with God the Holy Spirit and to get into the habit of seeking His guidance in every situation. He has already moved powerfully to shape this summer in ways that I had not anticipated, and I look forward to seeing all He will continue to do. Come, Holy Spirit! And let the baking and growth in humility continue!


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