TT: Smoothie Makeovers

Today on Transformation Thursday, a word about smoothies! Smoothies are one of my favorite meals/snacks. When I was little, my dad would often make me a smoothie for breakfast. He had the magic touch and I was convinced no one could ever make a smoothie as delicious one of my dad’s.

While my dad is still the Smoothie Master, he’s taught me his base smoothie recipe and I’ve started to modify it to incorporate a wider, more adventurous variety of ingredients. I will give you a very basic breakdown of my favorite smoothie components and then name some more adventurous ingredients I’ve tried recently.

If you’re going to be drinking/making smoothies regularly, I suggest you stock up on these frozen fruits:

Bananas (buy fresh and cut up to freeze)



In general, if you have produce that is beginning to go bad, you can pop it in your freezer to use in smoothies later – an awesome way to keep from wasting!

For a delicious smoothie use (all amounts are approximations):

2 cups of fruit (example combo: 1 cup bananas, 2/3 cup strawberries, 1/3 cup blueberries)

1-2 T nut butter (peanut butter is a classic and my dad’s go-to ingredient)

1/4 cup or more of water or milk (more liquid = thinner smoothie… I like them thick!)

Other optional components include yogurt, honey, protein powder, etc. I usually stick to fruits, veggies (more on that later), and nut butter – yum!

And there you have it! A very basic outline for a killer yummy smoothie. Hungry for something a little more daring (read: something that sounds a tad disgusting)? Read on!

Lately I’ve been adding veggies to my smoothies. At first it was because I wanted to use fruit to mask the taste of the veggies since I didn’t like eating them on their own. Now, though, I appreciate the earthy or fresh taste that certain vegetables can add to a smoothie! Be aware, though, that many veggies have lots of fiber in them which is great for your body, but can create an odd texture. But hey, if you’re still reading this, chances are you’re up for trying something a little weird!

Here are some veggies that I have put in my smoothies lately:

Avocados – these make your smoothie creamy and smooth and don’t have a very distinct or overpowering taste

Beets – these have an earthy taste, but with a hint of sweetness and create a beautiful color for your smoothie. I usually pair beets with blueberries.

Cauliflower – the latest addition to my veggie smoothie collection! I actually cut off the leafy stalk at the bottom of the cauliflower that normally gets thrown away and popped it in the blender along with some blueberries and bananas – yum!

Celery – including celery in your smoothie can have a big impact on the texture, but it also creates a very fresh taste. Try it out!

Kale and Spinach – I have to admit that I use kale and spinach in my smoothies because I know it’s good for me, but haven’t discovered what I love about them yet. So far I’ve paired kale with bananas and strawberries, and spinach with blueberries and bananas.

Why buy a smoothie when you can blend one at home using fresh, yummy produce from your fridge? If you try out one of my combinations or create your own, let me know. I’m always eager to add something new to my smoothie! Happy blending!


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