MM: Come, Holy Spirit!

Let’s start with the basics. As a Christian I believe in the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I do not believe in three gods, but in one God who loves us so incredibly that He gives us multiple expressions of His love. The Holy Spirit is the Lord of radical grace and crazy love who is our Advocate and Guide. Thus, having more of Him in my life has allowed me to do a lot more with God, in His strength.

A huge part of my growing closer to God and building a friendship with Him has been my asking His Holy Spirit to come into my life. I first asked for more of Him in this way when I was at a Christian summer camp in 8th grade. The result was not the dramatic, explosive experience I expected and at first this disappointed me. At the end of the year, however, when I looked back I could see the tender buds of God’s grace beginning to bloom and grow in my heart and the fingerprints of His love and work in many areas of my life. It was hard to pick these instances out because my life still felt so ordinary, yet I was coming closer to God in a day-by-day, little-by-little way.

According to 2 Timothy 1:4, the Holy Spirit lives in us, meaning that receiving the Holy Spirit isn’t a one-and-done, static experience. We are constantly being empowered by the Holy Spirit, and we can keep asking for more of Him every day. That is awesome!

Still, I found myself still not asking. What if I asked and the Holy Spirit didn’t show up? I seem to forget that I am in a relationship with an incredibly practical God. He is in every situation simply waiting for me to invite Him in and ask Him to guide me. None of my life circumstances are too awkward for the Holy Spirit to handle. Even if I don’t feel like I have an answer or the right words to offer my friends, the Holy Spirit is not at a loss.

“Yahweh’s love abides unceasingly. His compassion is never consumed. Every morning it is renewed. And His love remains ever faithful” (Lamentations 2:22-23). The Holy Spirit gives us this same power. His light scatters fear and sets me free to love deeply. So I pray Come, Holy SpiritKeep filling your people up and breathe into us so we can build your Kingdom. 

Ask for more of the Holy Spirit. Just try it. You won’t regret it. Amen.


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