MM: What Does Jesus Look Like?

Chances are, you have already been encouraged before to look for Jesus in the people around you. Maybe, like me, you wonder sometimes how Jesus could look like some of the people you encounter. We are called to love God and people – you cannot love God Himself and not love Him in His people. But it can be hard to love, can’t it?

Occasionally, one of my family members rubs me the wrong way. It may be the teasing joke that catches me already in a bad mood, the differing opinion stated in a way that sets me off, or simply too much noise when I am feeling tired. Most of these times, I am not thinking of looking for God in my family. How could He be in them when they are irritating me?

In all of the above situations, something is not going my way, so I get grouchy. The first time I actually reasoned that out, I realized how ridiculously selfish it is. Really? Simply because someone does not seem agreeable to me, I cannot find the Lord in them?

Lately I have been trying to look again. I see in them God’s sense of humor, His grace that makes dialogue and openness possible. At these times, when I look for the ways that they resemble Jesus, my eyes are opened to see Him in them in ways that I miss when I’m busy being bothered.

This week, be open to the many ways God can show up in your life in the form of His people – even when they don’t behave exactly as you want or reflect His love perfectly. Jesus is perfect although we are not. Still, He lives in each person you encounter. What does Jesus look like? He looks like the person next to you who is slightly annoying, the customer you have to serve at work, the family member that may be difficult to love. In all of them, He is present and asking for love and respect. Will you see Jesus in the people around you and love Him in them?


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