TT: Humble Pie Donuts/Muffins/Cookies… What?

Today was a lesson in humility. I guess I asked for it, seeing as this morning in my time of prayer I asked God to show me if there were any areas of growth He wanted to open my eyes to for today. His response? “Embrace humility.”

Well, I attempted to make Blogilates Almond Fonuts (recipe here), but I was without a donut maker or donut pan. I added more almond flour and some oat flour as well to try to thicken the batter, but it resulted in some dry, rather bland donuts. I tried turning the batter into cookies and mini muffins as well. Out of those three, I liked the mini muffins most. Still, these baked goodies were simply not very delicious. As my mom would say, “Shuckydarns!”

Why is it such a big deal that today’s baking attempt flopped? I guess because I like doing things well (read: perfectly). I’m bummed that my efforts to make a recipe my own did not succeed. In this situation, however, I have the opportunity to embrace the humbling situation and find reasons to praise God:

1. I got to spend time in the kitchen with my sister doing something I enjoy, trying something new, and feeling like a pro. We also learned how to share a sink while one of us was making dinner and the other was washing baking dishes!

2. I have food to eat, a wealth of ingredients, and so many extravagant blessings. What a gift that I am simply able to bake purely for the fun of it!

3. This is a great opportunity to laugh at myself, learn something, and try again.

Alas, I have no recipe to post today, unless you would like the not-so-great combination that I tried. Sorry to disappoint! Hopefully I will be able to post an improved and delicious recipe for Cinnamon Spice Mini Muffins with Banana Glaze some time in the weeks ahead. Thanks for reading!


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